Dust 1947 Red Banner


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Even if he is still young by some standards, Lieutenant Vasiliy Kiritchenko is already a legend among the Spetsnaz. Kiritchenko has fought countless battles all over the planet in the name of the Motherland. He has spent the last few years with the 5th Guards Separate Spetsnaz Brigade, always at the forefront of special operations in dangerous places.

He came up with the idea of the Red Banner during the bloody battle around the Allied Embassy in Lima, Peru. After days of intense combat, the defending Spetsnaz were faltering in the face of attacks by ASOCOM heavy rangers. Remembering the revolutionaries of 1918, Kiritchenko grabbed a large red table cloth as a makeshift banner. Rallying locals and the surviving Spetsnaz around his position, he lead a charge that won the day for the SSU.

Even if it’s unique among special forces to carry a flag, Kiritchenko has done so ever since, earning him the nickname ‘Red Banner’, only now he carries the official standard of his regiment. Kiritchenko continues on the path to victory for the glory of the Sino-Soviet Union and the World Marxist Revolution.

He is presented here in winter uniform, as seen around Zverograd circa 1947. This hero comes with its own Dust 1947 Unit Card.